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Colorful unagi kabayaki | unagi recipe

During festivals, the "colorful unagi kabayaki" served on the table is not only attractive, delicious and nutritious, but also very simple. It only tests the knife skill a little bit. However, even if the knife skill is not good enough, it does not affect the taste, but it is not so beautiful.

colorful unagi

Ingredients for colorful unagi

Ingredients : Unagi kabayaki 200g, cucumber half, carrot half, lettuce half, green onion half, eggs two, purple cabbage amount, green onion, ginger, garlic.

prepare colorful unagi

How to make colorful unagi kabayaki?

Step 1 : Defrost the unagi kabayaki, cut it into small strips, and add a little water to the eel juice.

cut the unagi

Step 2 :  The cucumber, green onion and red cabbage, cut into the same length of strips for reserve, lettuce and carrots peeled, cut into the same length of thin strips for reserve;

cut the vegetable

Step 3 :  Pot of water to bring to a boil, put a few drops of oil and a little salt, respectively into the carrots and lettuce shreds, blanching for 20 seconds or so, sheng put into cold boiled reserve

boil the vegetable

Step 4 :   Mix two egg yolks and fry them in hot oil in a wok until they become egg skins, then cut them into shreds.

fried egg

Step 5 :  Heat up the oil in the wok, turn down the heat and fry the unagi kabayaki strips slightly, set them aside;

fried unagi

Step 6 :  Leave the bottom oil in the pot, add chopped shallots, ginger and garlic to fry until fragrant, and then add diluted unagi sauce to boil. Try the taste and add salt according to personal taste;

Step 7 :  Pour the eel strips into the pot, fry them evenly and serve them out.

Step 8 :  Arrange the vegetables as you like, and place the fried unagi strips in the middle.

Put the food on a plate

Step 9 :  when eating with vegetables, greasy solution more healthy oh ~

TIPS :  To keep vegetables green, blanch them with a few drops of oil and a pinch of salt.

colorful unagi

Colorful roasted eel is bright and colorful, which makes people's stomach wide open. Unagi is rich in protein. At the same time, "colorful vegetable silk" is rich in nutrition, which improves the nutritional value of the whole dish. Hurry to collect well, do so for the family to eat the reunion dinner!