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Fried eel burger recipe I Eel pro

Speaking of eel, I believe that many people, whether adults or children, will fall in love with this food ingredient. Today, I would like to introduce how to fried eel burger. Eel's meat is delicious, rich in nutrition, taste similar to eel, but more meat than eel, eel belongs to the product of salty water junction, but in most aquatic food materials can be bought, it is rich and diverse!

Eel is suitable for people of all ages, for children over 2 years old can eat eel. Eel is very rich in nutrients and is an essential fish for children's normal development.

fried eel

Ingredients for fried eel burger

Prepare ingredients:unagi kabayaki, hamburger embryo, lettuce, cheese, tomato, Thousand Island sauce, breadcrumbs, cornflour, egg.

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How to make bried eel burger

Step 1 : Wash the lettuce, drain the water and put it aside. Remove the tomato and wash it.

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Step 2 :  Take out unagi kabayaki and defrost naturally, or you can directly defrost it by microwave ding for 2 minutes. After defrost, cut the eel into pieces the size of hamburger embryo;

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Step 3 :  Take appropriate containers to fill cornstarch and bread bran respectively, put the cut eel pieces into the cornstarch plate, and let both sides of the eel evenly coated with cornstarch;

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 Step 4 : Break two eggs into an egg mixture, dip the eel cubes dipped in cornstarch in a bowl, and cover them with egg mixture.

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Step 5 : The eel pieces wrapped in egg liquid are quickly placed in a plate of breadcrumbs, and both sides are thickly coated with breadcrumbs and compacted;


Step 6 : Put appropriate amount of oil in the pan, and when the oil is 60% hot, put in the processed eel pieces, fry them until golden on both sides, remove them, drain the oil and set aside;


Step 7 : first put the hamburger embryo into the oven or microwave oven to heat, and then put a layer of lettuce on the hot hamburger embryo, you can adjust the amount of lettuce according to personal preference;


Step 8 : spread the lettuce, put the fried eel pieces in front, the best place in the middle of the fish, if you put it sideways, the burger may be "revealed" oh ~

 Step 9 : Add one slice of cheese and one or two sliced tomatoes. Adjust this step to suit your taste.


 Step 10 : Finally, put on a layer of lettuce, drizzle with salad dressing or Thousand island dressing, then cover with hamburger embryo and serve.


Super delicious fried eel burger fresh out of the oven, ready to eat ~

fried eel

Each bite is full and layered. Inside the soft bread are fresh, sweet and crisp eel steaks, accompanied by the creamy aroma of cheese, crisp lettuce and slightly sour and sweet tomatoes to ease the cloying.

 It's a feast on the tongue, and the taste buds are busy! What are we waiting for? Why don't we just do it