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Fried unagi with garlic sprout | chinese unagi recipe

Young garlic sprout A lot recently, the vegetable contain sugar, crude fiber, carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus and other elements, and lung nourishing unagi simple play together, orders delicious and nutritious, has anti-inflammatory sterilization, spleen and nourishing the stomach, enhance immunity effect.

fried unagi with garlic sprout

Inpredients for fried unagi with garlic sprout

Preparation inpredients:

Unagi kabayaki, garlic sprout, light soy sauce, dried pepper, salt, sugar, oil

inpredient for fired unagi

How to make fried unagi with garlic sprout?

【Step 1】: Rinse the garlic sprouts, cut off the buds and stiff ends, and then cut into 5cm sections;

cut the garlic sprout

【Step 2】:  Rinse the dried pepper with water and cut it into shreds (scissors can also be used);

cut the pepper

【Step 3】: Take out the unagi kabayaki thawed in advance and cut it into bite-sized pieces;

cut the unagi

【Step 4】: Coat both sides of the unagi with a thin layer of cornstarch;

processed unagi

【Step 5】:  Heat the oil in the wok, fry the unagi pieces dipped in cornstarch for about 10 seconds and take them out for later use (this step can prevent the eel meat from falling apart when cooking later);

fried uangi

【Step 6】: Another pot, hot oil, add dry chili silk explosion, change the fire into garlic (I just have to peel the waxy corn also put some);

fried pepper

【Step 7】:  Stir-fry the garlic sprouts over high heat until they are raw, add a little light soy sauce, salt and a little sugar to taste;

fried garlic sprout

【Step 8】: Finally add the fried unagi pieces, quickly stir fry well.

fried unagi and gralic sprout

This dish belongs to the quick dish, stir-fry garlic needs to be high fire, uncooked then add seasoning and eel chunks, stir-fry too long inside the nutrients will be lost.

unagi with gralic sprout

A simple but delicious dish of stir-fried unagi with garlic sprouts and a bowl of rice made for a delicious dinner.

Uangi is fresh and sweet and melts in your mouth, garlic sprouts is crisp and delicious, and corn is soft and waxy, with a little spicy taste. When you eat two bowls of rice, you put down your chopsticks and feel your belly burp. When you eat something delicious, you always feel happy!

Zero difficulty and the meal of the refreshing small fry, come to try ~