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Fried unagi with mushroom | unagi Chinese recipe

Lentinus edodes is the most common edible mushroom on the table, delicious taste,  rich nutrition, known as the "queen of plants" reputation, if only one word to describe its taste, that is fresh.

Today, we use mushroom and unagi kabayaki as the main materials, and use oil as the main seasoning. The mushroom and oyster sauce are very delicious, so there is no need to add other seasonings. The aroma is delicious and tempting

frid mushroom unagi

Prepare the material for fried unagi with mushroom

Material : Unagi kabayaki, fresh mushroom, oil, salt, oil, red pepper, onion, garlic.

How to make fried unagi with mushi room?

Step 1 : Defrost the unagi in advance and cut it into 1.5 cm chunks for later use;

cut the uangi

Step 2 :  The fresh mushroom clean, remove the pedicle, and then hold dry water, also cut into 1.5 cm chunks;

cut the mushroom

Step 3 :  Cut the cleaned red bell pepper into sections and slice the garlic into slices.

cut the garlic

Step 4 :  Clean the shallots and cut the white and green separately;

cut shallot

Step 5 :  Heat the oil in the wok. If the oil is a little more, put the diced eel into the wok for about 15 seconds and remove it for later use.

fried unagi

Step 6 :  Leave the bottom oil in the wok, add the red pepper and garlic scallion until fragrant, and then stir-fry the mushrooms until soft. Then add two tablespoons of oil and stir-fry several times.

fried vegetable

add oyster sauce

Step 7 : Then pour in the diced unagi, sprinkle with salt, add the green onion and stir well.

add salt

A delicious and smooth diced eel with mushroom

eat unagi

Tips : After the mushroom is cleaned, you should clutch it, otherwise there will be a lot of water in the pot, and it will not be dry when fried; Mushrooms to pick the meat is thicker, eat good taste.

The unagi is so tender! It is no exaggeration to describe it as melting in your mouth, with the freshness of the unagi itself and the smoothness of the shiitake mushrooms with a bit of spicy taste, this taste is absolutely wonderful ~!

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