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How to make eel and egg roll? | ell recipe

The eel egg roll has a strong egg flavor and is easy to operate, and the taste can be changed according to your choice. Make a side meal for the kids or go out to lunch, or pair it perfectly with a bowl of porridge for breakfast

eel and egg roll in  the plate

Today, kabayaki eel is used as a match. The meat is delicate and less prickly, and the nutritional value of eel is high. Eating eel can effectively supplement nutrition, strengthen the body, promote the development of intelligence and nervous system, promote the development of retina, improve immunity, etc. 

Prepare ingredient for eel ande egg roll

Preparation ingredients : 100g kabayaki eel, 3 eggs, salt, sugar, oil

ingredients for eel and egg roll

How to make eel egg roll?

【Stpe 1】: Defrost kabayaki eel (with fewer thorns and more tender meat) in advance, cut into long strips and ding them in the microwave for two minutes;

cut the ell

【Stpe 2】: In a bowl, beat three eggs with salt and a little sugar to form an egg mixture for later use (if you have light soy sauce, you can also add a little to add flavor);

stir egg

【Stpe 3】: Heat the oil in a wok, smear the oil evenly with kitchen paper towels or a brush, and pour a quarter of the egg mixture into the wok.

add the oil

add egg

【Stpe 4】: Stir the egg with chopsticks to make it more fluffy. After the bottom solidifies, put the eel in the middle of the egg skin.

add the eel

【Stpe 5】: Push the omelet to the other side, then grease the bottom of the pan with a little oil and pour in a quarter of the egg mixture. At the same time, use chopsticks to turn one side of the omelet that has formed in the front so that the egg mixture fills the bottom of the pan.

roll the eel

【Stpe 6】: Repeat the above steps several times until the egg is used up; The omelette can be fried in the pan until golden brown on the surface and more ripe on the inside.

eel in the plate

Golden eggs wrapped in tender eels, the appearance level is really good ah.

When you gently pick up a piece of eel egg roll, the thick aroma of kabayaqi eel and egg comes to your nose and makes your tongue tingle. When you bite into it again, the thick egg is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The grilled eel meat melts in your mouth