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How to make unagi salad? | unagi recipe

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Prepare Ingredients for unagi salad

PrepareIngredients :  unagi kabayaki, cucumber, carrot, crab fillet, onion, lettuce mushroom, black pepper, salt, salad dressing or Thousand island dressing.

unagi salad

How to make unagi salad?

Step 1 : Microwave the eel for 90 seconds and take it out. After cooling, cut the eel into small pieces, Finely slice lettuce (the finer the better);

Step 2 : Finely slice red cabbage, cucumber and carrot (the finer the better).

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Step 3 : Steam crab fillet for about 5 minutes, remove and cool, tear into thin strips by hand.

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 Step 4 : After boiling the water, put in the flammulina mushroom and blanch it for about 30 seconds.

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 Step 5 : In a large bowl, add the cucumber, carrot and lettuce.

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 Step 6 : Add shredded crab, flammulina mushrooms, shredded onion and sliced eel (I happen to have ripe corn kernels and add a little, not to be omitted);

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Step 7 : Add black pepper and salt.

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 Step 8 : Finally, squeeze in the salad dressing or Thousand island dressing and stir well;

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 Step 9 : Plate up and serve a deluxe version of eel and crab salad

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Tips Shred Onions and soak them in water to remove their spiciness.

Such a salad, with bright colors and balanced nutrition, is not only a romantic taste and visual enjoyment, but also a source of energy to stay in the face.