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Steam egg with eel | eel recipe

How do you eat eggs?  Are you still only good at stir-frying tomatoes?  Eggs aren't just fried, they're not just with tomatoes, they're delicious with other ingredients too!  Today I want to take you to do is a beautiful steamed egg dish - steamed egg with eel ~~~

steamed eggs with ell

 Steamed egg is a well-known dish, but also loved by men, women and children, especially children.  But many people steamed eggs are either too much soup or taste is old, not tender, or steamed into a "hornet's nest", the appearance level is low.  However, all of these problems can be solved if you follow today's tutorial!

Ingredients for steam egg with ell

Prepare ingredients : kabayaki eel, two or three eggs, fish roe, salt, pepper, oil.

ingredients for steamed egg with eel

How to make steam egg with eel?

【Step 1】: Take two or three eggs, knock a hole in the top, and pour out the egg liquid inside;

break the egg

【Step 2】: The egg shell of the hole trim smooth, in order to facilitate eating can be cut the opening larger;

processed the eggshell

【Step 3】: Add salt and pepper to the egg mixture and stir evenly with chopsticks. Add a small amount of warm water to disperse the egg mixture and filter it, then pour back into the egg shell.

add salt

【Step 4】:  Pour the egg back into the eggshell with an iron spoon. The action is slightly lighter, so as not to splash the egg.

Pour the egg liquid into the shell

【Step 5】: Prepare a steamer, steam the eggshell with egg mixture on medium heat for about 3 minutes after boiling water, turn off the heat and stew for 1 minute;

steamed egg

【Step 6】: At the same time, cut the defrosted kabayaki eel into 1.5 cm pieces;

cut eel

【Step 7】: Prepare a small wok or frying pan. Pour a little oil into the pan. When the oil is hot, fry the eel over a low heat until fragrant

fried eel

【Step 8】: Take out the steamed egg, put the fried eel and fish roe, a good-looking and delicious steamed egg with ells is ready ~ rich in taste and nutrition, the elderly, children and pregnant women are suitable to eat oh ~

steamed eggs with ell

The delicious eel meat with Q shells of fish roe, and the steamed egg with ell, the taste is soft and rich, and it is very refreshing for both babies and the elderly. The most important thing is that such a steamed out of a human appearance, nutrition is perfect, as soon as the pot was robbed by the children at home to eat!