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Unagi Skewer
Unagi Skewer
Unagi Skewer
Unagi Skewer

Unagi Skewer

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eel roasted

eel White roasting: evenly and symmetrically place eel slices on the chain of the roasting machine according to the varieties and specifications to ensure the uniform heat during the roasting process.  

eel cooking: control chain running frequency should not be higher than 50HZ (time ≥4 minutes); Steam surface temperature ≥100℃, fish center temperature ≥85℃

unagi kabayaki process

lkabayaki: according to the requirements of different processes, different meat quality and different varieties of specifications, adjust the oven temperature reasonably, allocate the sugar, color and temperature of the soy sauce, and pay attention to control the product center temperature above 70℃.  

lPre-cooling: pre-cooling the baked products to improve the freezing temperature of the products. 

freezing of eel

l IQF rapid freezing: pre-cooled products are quickly frozen through IQF.  Ensure that the temperature of the IQF is -35 ° C or below, and the center temperature of the product is -18 ° C or below. 

lsingle metal detection: frozen good products one by one through the metal detector detection, requirements can detect the product ≥ф1.5mm iron;  ≥ф2.0mm non-ferrous metal material and 2.5mm 316 stainless iron material.  Be careful to calibrate the metal detector once before, after and every hour during production.

Weight bearing selection of eels

lweighing selection: frozen good products through the selection machine for selection, and then artificial weighing, waiting for packaging.  

linternal packaging: if you need to vacuum bag after vacuum quality inspection according to customer requirements for packaging.  Note The inner packaging materials must be sterilized by ultraviolet light or ozone before use.  

Packaging eel

lmetal detection: small packaging products through metal detector metal detection, pay attention to the production before, after the production and production of metal detector calibration every hour.  

eel production


Frozen roasted eel(unagi kabayaki)


Frozen, roasted(broiled)

Scientific name:

Anguilla japonica, Anguilla Rostrata




Freshwater eel, soy sauce

Heat Treatment

80-120 degree for 27minutes


with special unagi sauce

Cooking method:

Ready to eat after defrosting


with sweet unagi sauce, smell and taste delicious( the meat is   firm and the skin is chewable)


Packed in bulk,5kg/box*2/10kgs/ctn



Net Weight(kg):




Shelf life:

720 days

Place of Origin:

Guangdong, China



Lead Time:

30-45 days


By sea(-18 cold   refrigerator)

Loading port:

Shen zhen/Xia men


By sea


8500kg (1*20GP)/22000kg 1*40HQ)

Carton Size:





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